C textbox not updating

There are many similar problems on the internet but none have solved this exact problem. I can only assume the successful update when stepping through the code is because the IDE is passing focus between the GUI and code as I step through, whereas in continuous run mode the textbox never receives a paint message.(? How do I get the textbox to actually repaint at each update of the property so my lines are printed out one at a time, in real time, as the c program is doing behind the scenes???

Redirect Standard Input = True 'doesn't seem to help, so commented out start Info. When the c program runs in a console it prints to screen a line-by-line report of what the code is doing as it creates a copy of a dll, creates an object in memory and reads data fields from that object then destroys the object and dll copy.I want the textbox to update line by line, in real time. Base Directory(), "Read Fields\Read Fields Info.exe") start Info. BUT it seems to wait until a large chunk of text is in the property before repainting it. Append Text(vb Cr Lf & "Reading Fields from " & gstr Simulator Type & vb Cr Lf) m Process = New Process Add Handler m Process. I tell it to put the string data on a button control's text property it does it just fine. However it doesn't display on labels if it comes in too fast.The label text is blanked instead, but occasionally I'll see brief flashes of data. //oncreate event public debug Screen() //delegate and creation defininiton for above private delegate Delegate gui Update Delegate(Int32 location, string label Text); gui Update Delegate gui Update; //updates the form control public void gui Updater(string label Name, string label Text) //updates the text label private Delegate gui Updater From Background Thread(Int32 location, string label Text) It doesn't do anything essential, just debug output, and since it updates just fine on buttons I know the data is getting through.

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