Dating in arabic culture

These instruments date back 42,000 to 43,000 years and may supplant earlier findings of flutes at a nearby site dating back 35,000 years., particularly the mammoth bone flute, which would have been “especially challenging to make.” At the time of their discovery, researchers speculated that the flutes “may have been one of the cultural accomplishments that gave the first European modern-human , these conclusions may have to be revised.

In 2008, archeologists discovered fragments of flutes carved from vulture and mammoth bones at a Stone Age cave site in southern Germany called Hohle Fels.

At the same time, Oman's presence on the Indian Ocean has fostered a long maritime tradition which has enriched the culture through the settlement of many Baluchis (the Indo-Iranian people of Baluchistan) along the northern coast and the interaction with East African cultures.

Traditionally, Oman's capital was located in the interior but Muscat (Masqat), now the principal seaport, has served as the capital since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The purpose of learning a language is to actually use that language, and in order to be able to use language in a real, natural way, learners need to be exposed to more than what’s taught in the typical classroom or online course.

The Language and Culture Blogs, authored by teams of native speakers, educators, and other language learners, provide a platform in which current events, as well as more colloquial language, cultural, or unconventional topics can be discussed.

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