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The detentions have continued in recent days even as the fighting for Tripoli has mostly ended.Yet the influx of inmates has become a growing problem for the National Transition Council (NTC) and perhaps its toughest test since seizing power from Muammar Gaddafi and his army.They try to as much as possible." Busin could not confirm exactly how many suspected mercenaries and regime loyalists had been arrested or how many of the prisoners are foreigners.In this morning's edition of the Rocacorba Daily news digest we look at the weekend's biggest stories in pro cycling.The arrests of confirmed Gaddafi loyalists, however, have been limited.Some former high-ranking officials claimed they turned themselves in, including Abdelati Obeidi, former foreign minister, and Jibril Kadiki, former deputy commander of Gaddafi’s air defence forces. With the Libyan court system yet to reconvene, how to deal with the prisoners remains a question."There isn't actually a proper judicial process. They don’t give them lawyers, not just yet," Abdul Busin, spokesman for the military police, said."But they do differentiate between mercenaries and migrant workers.

I have been cleared since September and since then the UCI haven’t sent all their paperwork to CAS.”“I don’t know what they’re waiting on because for them it’s apparently a clear case.The NTC must decide how to treat those who fought for Gaddafi, and how to ensure that migrant Sub-Saharan workers are not arrested or abused on suspicions of having been recruited as mercenaries."Our concerns are the wide-scale roundups and detentions that are creating a climate of fear," said Samuel Cheung, a senior protection officer for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Tripoli.It might take until the start of January before we know when the case will reach Lausanne.”The Tinkoff-Saxo rider was provisionally suspended by the UCI in August of this year after anomalies were detected in his biological passport dating back to 20, when he raced for the Astana team. Last week he decided to publish his passport data on his personal website. The data shows that his haematocrit rose at certain points, when it would typically fall and that his reticulocytes remained constantly high during periods of racing.Kreuziger's defence relies on his claim that he used the substitute hormone L-Thyroxine as treatment for an under-active thyroid and this affected his blood values.

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