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Seattle Child Sexual Abuse Defense Lawyer Washington False Accusations of Child Abuse Attorney False Accusations of Sexual Abuse Involving a Minor It is easy to accuse someone of child molestation or rape, and once the accusation is made the damage is done.

We see false accusations in these cases against our clients on a regular basis, and we understand the dynamics that often lead to these accusations being made.

With little more than a brief interview of your daughter and your ex-wife you could be charged with a Class A sex offense with the potential of life in prison.

Or, you have just moved in with your romantic partner of two years, who has a teenage daughter.

Often times the lasting effects of a conviction and registration as a sex offender are more harmful than any incarceration initially served.

False allegations and false accusations of sexual abuse against children are brought more often than one would think, and defending the person accused takes experience and skill.

These are some of the juicy questions we asked some of Seattle’s “most eligible” singles — according to Hinge, at least.

Has the growth of and other tech companies in Seattle helped or ruined your dating life?

The CSPC emerged from the end of other groups, and went so much further than they ever could have.

Either with a new organization or new governance of this one, we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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