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The global smartphone market grew just 4% over the previous year ago quarter, a major slowdown from last year's 27.9% expansion over Q3 2007."While growth has undoubtedly slowed, it is still outperforming the overall mobile phone market by some margin, as well as driving data revenue for operators," Canalys analyst Pete Cunningham said in a statement, which also noted that sales mobile phones as a whole actually shrank by 4 to 6%.Spending Tracker lets you sort through past purchases by date, name, or amount, which is useful if you want to find out what you splurged on, and when.This app should be especially handy for consumers who want to get a better sense of how they could cut back on their spending.Level Money relies on simple but effective pie charts to show consumers how much money is left in their daily, weekly, and monthly budgets in categories like groceries and transportation.These graphics are also updated whenever you make a purchase using your credit or debit card.In India, the service has been launched in Mumbai to start with, but will soon be extended to other cities this year, the company said.

San Francisco-based Uber EATS, founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, has rapidly expanded to 26 countries over the past 18 months as a standalone app.First designed by Don Becker and Thomas Sterling at Goddard Space Flight Center in 1994, this design has since become one of the core supercomputer architectures.So with a perfectly good Beowulf-style supercomputer at hand, why did Kiepert start to put together his own Beowulf cluster?The Pi Phone is built entirely from off-the-shelf kit, so there’s no soldering required, and no fiddly electronics work. The Pi Phone is a remarkably simple build, with a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module (which you can slip a SIM card into – you’ll still have to pay for your calls) talking to the network and doing the heavy communications lifting (making calls, and hanging up; sending texts and dealing with data); an on/off switch, a converter to make the Li Poly battery output 5 volts, and one of Adafruit’s tiny TFT monitors. For those of you who do not want your phones crammed with Apple, Google or Microsoft software (Jonathan Bell, one of our engineers, still hauls around a Nokia 1600 for that reason – and because the thing’s basically unbreakable), or who want the satisfaction of making one yourself, this is the perfect project. You’ll find a typically thorough writeup on Dave’s website, with a parts list (he sourced everything from Adafruit and e Bay), !

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